Aldebarán 34

Technical data:

Length over all10.36 m
Length waterline9.62 m
Beam3.30 m
Draft1.80 m
Displacement5617 Kg
Ballast1600 Kg
Sail area73.60 m2
Engine power28.4 Hp

Technical specifications

The Aldebarán 34 is specialized designed for the sea, has a modern design which gives the owner comfort, safety, speed and quality. The construction conforms to American Bureau of Shipping rules.

Aldebarán 34 is equipped to sail the oceans with lots of safety. Her good design gives you speed and comfort, both under sail and under engine. Aldebarán is the ideal sailboat for a family which chooses to navigate around the world. With this boat your voyage will not depend on the engine because it sails along with both breezes and hard winds.

Comfort must be designed in sail behavior, ease of trimming, especially for sailors whom circumnavigate the earth alone or for a reduced crew.

Ease of handling is also an aspect of safety. If all regulation can be completed from the safety of the cockpit, where you have access to a storeroom in which you can keep maneuver elements, there is less need for the crew to go forward on the deck. That is an important safety factor in rough seas.

Aldebarán 34 gives you the possibility to put a guard squall, making an enjoyable journey even when the threat of seas come along.

Also this boat has an interior rudder system to avoid exposing to cold or heat, where you can join with family and enjoy a good dinner.

The interior is composed of a salon of 3.40 x 3.20 meters, kitchen with an extensive worktop so that you are able to cook as if you were al home. The inside wheelhouse is nearby the navigation table which has a very comfortable size so that you can work on your charts, besides in wich you will find the electric board and the navigation instruments, for captain to have a good access to any system just from his seats.

All Cabins have private bathroom, with warm water. The master cabin is in the front ship with private head and shower compartment and in the rear you will find double cabins.

Aldebarán 34 is the ship of dreams of many sailors who want to wander the world.