Transportation of boats to any harbor of the world

“I do not know how far I've come, I just know that I have long outgrown the limits of the excessive.”

Bernard Moitessier

Great experience and expertise in ocean navigation. Private yachts, charter companies and import & export of ships. Technical advice and preparation of ships to improve their performance at sea.

Plan a vacation in new paradises without having to worry about the transport of your boat. You will have more time to enjoy that distant place, where family and friends rejoiced in the boat moored on an island dream.

If your goal is to run races abroad, you will have your boat on time at any harbor you need, so that you can enjoy the competition without worries.

Preparing the boat, setting up mast, rigging, trimming, electronic equipment and mooring systems, potable water supply and also refueling. With this services you are going to be able to improve your navigation and nautical knowledge.

Requirements to be met by sail or motor boats for transport:

  • Registration title up-date and certificate for elements required by Maritime Security.
  • Complete elements of the maritime security, including raft lifeboat.
  • Valid Insurance policy.
  • Previous chech-out to ensure vessel, and all equipments, must be in good conditions for a safe navigation.
  • Authorization by owner to skiper, signed by port authorities, at origin and certified according international requirements (legalized if necessary).
  • Taking in consideration weather conditions and any possible events that could alter the ETA. It is recommended to consider always an extra time so you will have your boat on time.

Extra charges:

  • Fuel.
  • Port Fees and mooring taxes.
  • Meals and beverages for captain during transport.
  • Air ticket back to origin, for Skiper (subject to final agreement).
  • In case of bad weather conditions usd 100 per day will be charged if more of 1 day permanence is necessary in transit ports.
  • Any expenses occurred for boat services, repairs, spare parts, etc.

Payment terms:

  • Pre-payment: 50% of the total cost before departure.
  • Remaining 50%: to be canceled at destination when delivering vessel to owner captain will present all the tickets of extra charges that have to be paid (see detail below).
  • Owner can be in permanent communication with captain by internet or even telephone.
Quotation per mile:
From 0 to 200 nautical miles - NM US$ 3.5
From 200 up to 1000 nautical miles - NM US$ 3
More than 1000 nautical miles - NM To be agreed